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Emphasis on

4 Key Areas of the Game

Golfing Mindset
Real Game of Golf
Purposeful Practice
Skills Development

Our philosophy is based on the student becoming more independent after each session as they learn the key areas of the game. They are leaning the mindset and mental focus for golf, how to score and manage the course, how to analyze their play and create a purposeful practice routine that promotes long term development, and skill-development which focuses on the skill sets needed to accomplish their goals in golf.

In coaching, the player is an individual in a Team environment. Each of our players is taught the skills and techniques based on his or her strength & mobility, their learning style, and their desired outcome.

Golfing Mindset

A golfer must be taught how to manage their thinking so they are able to manage their emotions. In golf, you will be tested mentally and physically; if emotions and negative thinking are in the picture, then the golfer will struggle to trust their talent and enjoy the so-called pressure of tournament play.

Real Game of Golf

Golf is a game of misses & mistakes. Nobody has perfected the game and no one ever will. The key is not to try to perfect the game but to play it! To do this you have to know that the lowest score wins. So the question is: how do you shoot lower scores? We teach our players through games-based training how to shoot lower scores and how to track their play so they can match it up to stats from the best players in the world.

Purposeful Practice

We believe practice does not make perfect; rather, practice makes permanent! To become a champion golfer you must practice the way champion golfers practice. We teach our players fun ways to challenge themselves that simulate tournament conditions.

Skills Development

We focus on teaching our players only the skills they need to accomplish their current goals. There are so many parts to the game of golf that often players become overwhelmed with information and are no longer playing golf but thinking technique. By adding the skill sets the player needs in a progression based on their ability, the learning process is made fun, fast, and lasting.

Golf Course Aerial Shot
Team Environment

At Elevate Golf Academy, we focus on creating a team environment to

  1. Foster the right environment to learn the life skills and core values we teach

  2. Allow players to build friendships in an individual sport

  3. Allow coaches to create competition and challenges that motivate the players

  4. Enable players to take leadership or mentoring roles to develop interpersonal skills

  5. Increase the hours the player can spend with their coach while not increasing the expense

  6. Reduce the chances of over-teaching & technical overload as the child to applies what they are learning by experimentation, allowing them to learn and ask questions rather than just being told what do to do.


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